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Heading towards fall has not meant that life has slowed one bit for anyone and Driven to Move is full throttle each and everyday. On August 18, our founder, Liam, had a chance to be a HEALTH HERO with HEALTHY FUTURES at the BIG WILD LIFE KID’s RUN. Liam joined Tim Wallace (Alaskan NHLer), David Registe (UAA track star and PanAm games medalist), and Joey Crabb (Alaskan NHLer) as the HEALTHY HEROES at the run with over 1,000 kids! Part one involved taking all the kids through a warm-up, then the race was ON (Liam ran in the race with all the kids who were FLYING through the 2km course), and after it was fun for the whole family as the kids participated in numerous activities including an obstacle course with the guys.

Wally Wilson and his Providence Hospital crew did a fantastic job of putting on the event inspiring the next generation to be DRIVEN TO MOVE. Harlow Robinson and the Healthy Futures has done amazing work throughout the state at countless schools and events like these. A reminder that Healthy Futures sponsored Driven to Move’s RUCKUS IN THE MUCKUS this past spring and we look forward to teaming up with them in the future. THANK YOU!

The following weekend was the GIRDWOOD 2020 golf benefit at O’Malley Golf Course. Where Liam and Reese Hanneman played in the tournament as the “celebrity guests” as this year’s proud recipients of grants to support their Olympic pursuit. Reese is from Fairbanks, an APU skier, and member of the U-23 world championship team looking to make the jump to the senior world team and in the not too distant future the Olympics. Read more about his journey here. www.reesehanneman

There was also a third golfer with Fairbanks roots in the tourney, Charlie Sokaitis, of KTUU channel 2, who is a strong voice of Alaskan Sports at all levels. Great to see each of these fine young men pursuing their dreams.

Girdwood 2020 has a branch of their impressive community presence which is the “Go for the Gold” fund was created to support the long tradition of athletic excellence of Alaskans on the world’s biggest stage. This in turn perpetuates this cycle through community athlete ambassadors like Reese and Liam. The tournament was a great way to have some fun on the links and keep this fantastic foundation growing stronger. Both athletes are extremely humbled to be this year grant recipients and hard at work to raise the bar this season in the pre-Oylmpic year. As a side note, Liam came to the realization that golf lessons are necessary to get the ball driving down “my own fairway” for next year’s tourney. Best of luck with that, let’s just be glad his legs do the work in speed skating.